Today’s Workout…

was biking! I really love biking….I feel like I can go on forever (my hefty legs do serve a purpose on this earth). I’m not quite sure how many miles I rode today: my cyclometer (which Anna says I need to throw away) said I did 11.5 miles but when I look at the trail map, I did 14-15 miles. I’m leaning towards 14-15 because before I went on my usual route, I did two miles elsewhere and I did two laps (~3 miles) around the lake below.

I also passed a farmer’s market …

and an airport.

My dumb-ass went riding between 11am-1pm…it was hot as balls and I was riding at super-fast for most of the way. So it irritates me to no end when I ride by the pool in my neighbour’hood’. Why does it piss me off (besides the fact that I can’t use it?)? Because this pool is in a low-income area where the residents cannot afford the $370 co-cop fee for the summer. GTFOH.


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