Today’s Workout…

…was legs, legs, legs. I’ve always tried to do my legs at the beginning of the week…just in case something happens and I have to skip a gym day, at least I’ve done my legs.  My legs are my friggin powerhouse, but laaawd they feel like jelly right now.

  • I started with a compound exercise…the leg press. I did four reps of 10 open leg presses and 5 closed leg presses.
  • Then I did pistol squats….I’m not too good at those yet but I really felt my ass with these.
  • Double lunge: front and reverse: these burned like a mutha.
  • Then I did the other stuff in my routine.

I also did 20 minutes of cardio before I began the weights. No abs today. I downed some Muscle Milk Light to give my muscles protein.


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