Today’s Workout…

…was decent. After 45 minutes of cardio (the efficiency of which was severely hampered because my legs still hurt from my workout 2 days ago) I did my abs then I started my back routine. Oh, before I launch into that, can I talk about the dude with stinky breath on the elliptical next to me? It smelt like he forgot to brush his teeth this morning…that morning funk…so gross. Anyways, my routine went quite well:

  • kettlebell power plank rows were challenging (cuz I was in a plank position, so that worked my abs even more) but I need more weight.
  • the kettlebell high pulls were really fun and almost cardio-like.
  • I didn’t get to do the back extension today. There was some chick taking her sweet time on the friggin machine and since I don’t wait around I went back to the locker room to get my ish. As I’m coming back out, I realized that there were two back extension machines…. #mydumbass.

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