The Reason Why I Haven’t Run in Two Months

My friggin’ ankle…that’s why. First it was my knee (iliotibial band) then I spent 6-8 weeks in physical therapy, I got better and started to run again. I got up to 5 miles (which is a huge deal for me…my body does NOT like to run) then my ankle started to d!ck around (this was around April-ish). But, being the intelligent person that I am, I kept running anyways. So May rolls around and my ankle now starts to hurt everyday whether or not I run (but its not painful like its going to stop me from doing stuff). So I finally decide to go see a doc and he forbade me from running, told me to talk two Aleve a day, wear a simple ankle brace all the time, and come back to see him in two weeks.

Fast forward one month and I’ve done about 45% of what the docs told me to do and of course my ankle still hurts. So I figured I’d wait until after carnival before I go see the doc again. Yesterday he tells me to take the friggin Aleve twice a day and wear this ridiculous brace (in the pic above) then if my stuff still isn’t better in four weeks, then he’ll refer me to a specialist.

My ankle isn’t that painful…its more annoying. Some days it hurts, some days its swollen, some days not. But its been like this for waaay too long now, so I figure I’ll listen to the doc this time (especially since it hurts to wear heels right now: no heels = no good).

I miss running! That shit is so hard for me to do, but I LOVED the feeling of accomplishment when I was done; I felt like a champion; there is no better feeling.


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  1. Yuh hard headed rass! *Muah!*

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