I’m Not That Different From a Cow

This is purely regarding my eating habits. When I was employed, I had fairly structured daily eating habits: 7am breakfast (eggs, cereal, or oatmeal), 10am snack (fruit or yogurt), 12pm proper lunch (protein, good carbs, veggies), 3:30pm snack (chick pea salad or some light protein), and supper (edamame, some kinda of broccoli thingie, scrambled egg whites, or some kind of super-light food).

But now I eat little things all day; I don’t think I’ve had a proper meal in a while…or at least, not as often as I used to. Today I had about 1 cup of Special K Protein Plus cereal with skim milk (1% to be exact), after the gym I had a Muscle Milk Light, about an hour later I had some more cereal (only about a 1 cup again), two hours later I had a small whole wheat pita bread with peanut butter and four crackers with cheese. My nutrition for the day has not been that great; I need to cook more.

Hello. My name is Dani. I am a food grazer.


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