DC Cupcake Wars: The Results Are In

My inner chub had the desire to taste cupcakes from the major cupcake bakeries around DC, MD, and VA and I completed this mission yesterday. I evaluated each cupcakery on taste and “cake” moisture. Here is the list (in order of best to not-the-best):

  1. Georgetown Cupcake and Hello Cupcake – the cupcakes from both of these places are AMAZING. They’re soooo moist and just utterly delicious. Obviously try the red velvet (this was kind of my control flavour that I tried in all the cupcakeries but my favourite cupcake from Georgetown is the honey banana and my fav from Hello is vanilla gorilla (also has banana in it).
  2. Alexandria Cupcake – the cupcakes were good, but they didn’t give me an oralgasm like the ones above. They were still good. The store didn’t have a really wide selection the day my aunt and I went but their red velvet was yummy.
  3. Red Velvet Cupcakery – I think I’ve only ever tried their vanilla and red velvet cupcakes. These cupcakes weren’t bad but I don’t think they were as moist as the others.
  4. CakeLove – I’ve tried these cupcakes twice and I wasn’t pleased either time. CakeLove is known for their cakes; maybe I should try that next?

**As greedy as I am, these cupcakes were not all tasted on the same day; they were eaten at different times. Perhaps, for a more scientific result, I should taste these cupcakes all at once. I will not back down should that challenge present itself.


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