Today’s Workout…

…was back and shoulders. I started off with 20 minutes of interval cardio on the stairmill then I jumped into my back and shoulder workout. I upped my weights a bit, so I’m really feeling it (looove that feeling). Once I was finished with the weights, I finished up my cardio on the elliptical (so I did 50 minutes of cardio total for the day).

I usually do my cardio before my weights, but I read somewhere that doing cardio after weights forces your body to reach into its fat stores for energy (because your energy would have been expended during weights). So I tried it and, I must say, I was ass-tired during the 2nd cardio session. So I’ll keep trying it. I’m sure there are arguments for and against cardio before and after your weights, but I think the important thing is switching up your workout every few weeks, will keep prevent body from getting used to your workout.


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