Dear Headless Stairmill

Dear Headless Stairmill,

Why the hell are you still headless??? Certainly I understand that things happen and you may need repairing once in a while, but 3+ weeks is a bit ridiculous to be out of commission. Your siblings next to you seem to work just fine, but it is slightly very irritating when I need to use your services are your other functioning counterparts are in use; not only in use, but being utilized by people who very clearly aren’t focused on the task at hand.

I beseech thee, oh headless stairmill, find your head, return to the land of the living, and let me use you.

Best Wishes,



One Response

  1. […] friggin machines don’t work!! Not only do they take forever to fix their machines (please see previous post) but there are always a ton of machines broken. Today, two weighted machines were down and ELEVEN […]

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