Super-Awkward Body Functions at the Gym

Vag Crotch sweat and hard nipples…these phenomena are weird, gross (crotch sweat is anways), and awkward. When I’m done with my cardio, or even a really challenging leg workout, I get this embarrassing V-stain on my upper legs. I try to fool myself into thinking its OK by saying “that just means I worked out really hard”.

Then the nipples….my friggin nipples poke out 10 miles, especially when I’m lifting weights. I try to look to see if other chicks have hard nipples but (1) there aren’t that many girls in the free weight section and (2) its kinda hard to look at chicks’ boobs without someone thinking that “I bat for the other team”.

Hard nipples + vag sweat = uugh


2 Responses

  1. Hilarious! Especially the pics!

  2. How about the dreaded under-boob sweat. I hate that! Maybe we need deodorant for our crotches and under-boobs

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