Why I Hate My Gym: Part 2

I think I can go on for days about why my current gym sucks, so I figured I’d just give snippets here and there.

Today (and practically everytime I go) the free weights aren’t in their proper places. Why is ONE 70lb weight in the 15lb slot? Why is the 35lb in the 90lb slot? Why weren’t 15lb weights together? We all know that people suck and some may not put the weights back in their proper places but shouldn’t the gym staff be doing that too? As I told the gym manager one day, if clients see gym staff taking the effort to put equipment back, they will too. Do you know what these “trainiers” (I use that term loosely for some at my gym) do when they don’t have a client? Friggin’ nothing! They sit and check their phones and chat.

GTFOH with that bullsh!t.

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