10 Questions for: Cari

This post begins Candid FitNut’s interview series! Here is what this hottt mamacita (pic below) has to say about health, fitness, and her body (her responses are in bold text):

1. How do you maintain your sexiness? By having tons of sex 🙂 Yah right, but I’m sure that would help…. I just try to work out consistantly, eat healthy, and watch portions (most of the time). I also love beauty products… makeup, hair products, nail polish, all that stuff! At the same time, I don’t take myself too seriously. It’s never sexy when someone tries too hard.

2. What is your current workout routine? 45 mins on the elliptical, 4 times a week. Maybe some squats or push ups. I’m pretty good at getting in the cardio but I need to do some more lifting and toning.

3. What do you usually eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner? Bfast = coffee/skim latte (I know, I know!) Lunch = Salad, sandwich, pizza, or whatever I feel for given the selection of food spots where I work (Maybe one of these days I’ll start bringing my own lunch), Dinner = Ideally, grilled chicken or some sort of pasta dish with veggies. Many times I’ll have to settle for a TV dinner or a few bowls of cereal :/

4. What exercise do you HATE to do but do it anyways? Anything ab related! And I don’t do it anyways.

5. What is your fav body part? My legs

a. Why? The one part I don’t have to work too hard on to get toned.

6. You like when people look at your eyes because it makes you feel like they’re paying attention to me.

7. You wish your Ass (durr!) was bigger.

8. You wish your Waist (durr!) was smaller.

9. What physical features attract you to someone? Facial bone structure, toned arms, that v on a guy’s lower abdomen 😉

10. I wish that women didn’t have to get periods because it f*cking sucks.


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