Today’s Workout…

….was pilates! I love, love, love pilates (a pic of my TV screen….what a bright idea :-/ ).

There was a point in my life where I was not going to the gym and only doing pilates several times a week and, I promise you, my tummy was the flattest it had been in ages. I constantly ask myself why I don’t do pilates more often given the amazing results I’ve had in  the past. I think its because I feel like it would be a choice between my regular workouts (cardio + weights) and the pilates and I don’t want to miss out on my regular workouts. I guess I just need to find a balance.

I did a 30 minute (I know, not enough time) workout at home using the OnDemand exercise channel….I selected Pilates Fit by Tandy Gutierrez. It wasn’t bad; not super-challenging. It would be good for someone just starting out; my abs do feel good though.

Of course my cat, Dadli, always wants to be in the middle of things…………..


One Response

  1. I did that workout tonight 🙂 It was cool for my first attempt at Pilates but it was really no substitute for my kickboxing class. Not a bad idea for days I am feeling lazy and just need to et something in.

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