Time To Change My Workout

I’ve been doing my current workout for almost 6 weeks now and its time for a change. The results from my current routine were OK at best…nothing like my results from the routine before. I think I’m bored, which is fine since I need to change.

My next routine will be……. P90x!! I’m very excited about this, especially when I see all the before and after pics (which I suppose I’ll do and post…uuuugh). But I’ll need a few things before I begin: I’ll need a pull-up bar (there must be an alternative to this…I’m not trying to buy this right now) and I’ll need either resistance bands or weights (I’ll find the cheaper option and let you know). I’ll be in Hotlanta this weekend, so I prob won’t try it until early next week.

If P90x doesn’t get rid of my wobbly-bits and Earl, then nothing will…..Excited!


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  1. If you really don’t want to buy a pull-up bar, you can use resistance bands for the back exercises if you have somewhere in the ceiling to attach the band. Resistance bands are definitely cheaper than dumbbells, but can take a little longer to figure out how to use. But if you want to, you can pay $40 for the bands and $120 for P90X and be done with it.

    Just make sure you get strong enough resistance bands (not pilates bands) and be aware that cheap copies of P90X are likely pirated and may not come with both the nutrition guide and the fitness guide and the discs may not play. My husband bought a pirated copy the first time around and while it did have both books, the discs kept freezing. It drove us nuts so we had to buy a legit copy anyway.

    You can buy a good pullup bar on Amazon for $37, though: http://www.amazon.com/Iron-Total-Upper-Body-Workout/dp/B001ND04U4/ref=pd_sbs_sg_6
    My husband got one of these and it’s great. Free shipping too.

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