Today’s Workout….

…was my first P90x workout!! The workout schedule called for chest & back and then a separate ab workout.

Let me just say that my upper body strength sucks ass big-time so, of course, the chest workout called for a ton of pushups: standard, military, diamond, decline, wide angle….it just kept going and going and going….I mean, how many kinds of push-ups are there??????? The pushups seriously had me making audible noises in my apartment (I’d love to know what my neighbours thought I was doing with all the “uuuugh” and “aaaaaaaaaaah” and “wooooie” sounds….lol).

I didn’t have a pull-up bar (which I think puts you at a slight disadvantage) but I didn’t mind too much because (1) upper body strength sucks and (2) I had resistance bands and there was someone on the DVD showing you how to use it. You can use resistance bands, but I find it hilarious that the P90x people think that all their users will have some sort thing in the ceiling to drape the resistance bands over. I’ll have to take a pic to show you how I did these workouts.

After the chest & back workout, I did the ab DVD. I was able to complete the first couple of exercises without stopping but it was a real struggle after….it was kinda hilarious/pathetic actually.

How do I feel? My back feels amazing right now. I love that slight pain you get after a tough workout. I don’t have the same feeling in my chest muscles yet, I’m sure I’ll feel those muscles tomorrow. Same for abs.

My only equipment right now is a 10lb kettlebell and a heavy resistance band. I do wish I had a pair of dumbbells and (I gueeeeeeeeess) a pull-up bar to see if I’ll ever be able to properly use it.

Excited about tomorrow’s workout!


4 Responses

  1. Great read! Glad to read that you survived day 1.

  2. Nice. Stick with it. It’s worth it.

  3. PX90 huh, i have the xBOX360…….lol…ok seriously though just leaving my blog! : )

  4. Keep up the good work, once you make it past the first week you’ll be good to go. I’m on week 4. P90x is great!!

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