Cow’s milk, rice milk, soy milk, and almond milk. So many things milks to choose from, not sure what to do? Below are the results of my extensive research to help you make up your mind.

Cow’s Milk

What is it really? Besides white liquid that comes from the mammary glands of mammals? That’s kinda it.

How is it made? Squeeze the teets (or boobs) of the creature (cow, donkey, goat, sheep, etc) to get the milk out. Kill the germs by pasteurization and/or microfiltration then homogenize the milk (prevents the creamy goodness from separating from the rest of the milk).

Why should I drink it? It tastes yummy. It is really just milk….nothing else.

Maybe I shouldn’t drink it because… You’re lactose intolerant and don’t have the desire to develop the runs or you think consuming animal products is so crude and caveman like. And there’s also stuff like growth hormones that some milk producers use.

Umm, that’s interesting: Milk glands are high specialized sweat glands. Are we drinking highly specialized sweat?????

Almond Milk

What is it really? A yummy “milk” that comes from ground almonds.

How is it made? Almonds, water, ground in a blender. I may try this actually.

Why should I drink it? It is 100% vegan; you don’t have to worry about a runny tummy; no worries about soy allergies; cholesterol free; less calories than milk; It makes an AMAZING peanut butter smoothie…waaay better than milk.

Maybe I shouldn’t drink it because…: Sucks if you’re allergic to almonds; watch out for sweetened milks; not a much protein like regular milk.

Umm, that’s interesting: You can make almond milk at home but don’t use bitter almonds…you’ll release cyanide. Cyanide = death

Rice Milk

What is it really? “Milk” that comes from rice, mostly brown. Natural enzymes make it sweeter than cow’s milk.

How is it made? Pressing the rice through a mill stream (from what I gather, this is involves water and osmosis).

Why should I drink it? Not sure really…its OKish to me. But there is the whole lactose intolerance thing too.

Maybe I shouldn’t drink it because… It’s got more carbs (but that’s not really gross I think); lacks enough protein and calcium.

Umm, that’s interesting: I got nothing…

Soy Milk

What is it really? An “emulsion of oil, water, and protein”. Soak the soy beans and grind with water. Coagulated soy protein is turned into tofu.

How is it made? Once the soy beans have been soaked, they “undergo wet grinding” (insert 10 jokes here) until you get the final product.

Why should I drink it? No runny tummy and it has the same amount of protein as milk. Then there is the whole “soy beans will make you live ‘til you’re 150years old thing”.

Maybe I shouldn’t drink it because…: Soy allergies

Umm, that’s interesting: One study showed that it lowers sperm count.


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