The Great Peanut Butter Watch of 2010: Update 4

I disgust me….I am disgusted by me….I disgust myself. I purchased a jar of peanut butter FOUR days ago and this is how much is left:

I don’t know what to say…I have nothing to say. I suppose you can ask “why don’t I just not buy peanut butter?”….and it is a valid question but I want to learn self control (to date, a complete failure). So, the genius in me devised a plan to help me control my peanut butter addiction:

Applying my expert skills, I tore out two pages from a Victoria Secret catalogue and taped it to my jar of the peanut butter. I chose the tummy because of my mini-earl and I chose the back because I can’t stand back-fat (even though the chick is terribly shapeless). Anyhoot, so whenever I open to my cupboard in an attempt to reach for the peanut butter, I will see this. Let us pray that it works.


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