?s About YOU!

Since CFN loves to hear from its readers, we invite you to answer the questions below and submit your responses, along with a flattering pic (headless or not) showing the world just how fit you are. Submissions should be sent to dani@candidfitnut.com.

Be funny, be creative, be honest….here are the CFN interview questions:

1. How do you maintain your sexiness?
2. What physical features attract you to someone?
3. When and why did you start exercising?
4. Did you have an active childhood?
a. Did you play sports?
b. Were others around you good fitness role models?
5. What is your current workout routine?
6. What do you usually eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner?
7. What exercise do you HATE to do but do it anyways?
8. What is your favourite body part?
a. Why?
9. You like when people look at your ____ because it makes you feel _____
10.You wish your ______ was bigger.
11.You wish your ______ was smaller.
12. I wish that ________ because _______.


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