Cow’s milk, rice milk, soy milk, and almond milk. So many things milks to choose from, not sure what to do? Below are the results of my extensive research to help you make up your mind.

Cow’s Milk

What is it really? Besides white liquid that comes from the mammary glands of mammals? That’s kinda it.

How is it made? Squeeze the teets (or boobs) of the creature (cow, donkey, goat, sheep, etc) to get the milk out. Kill the germs by pasteurization and/or microfiltration then homogenize the milk (prevents the creamy goodness from separating from the rest of the milk).

Why should I drink it? It tastes yummy. It is really just milk….nothing else.

Maybe I shouldn’t drink it because… You’re lactose intolerant and don’t have the desire to develop the runs or you think consuming animal products is so crude and caveman like. And there’s also stuff like growth hormones that some milk producers use.

Umm, that’s interesting: Milk glands are high specialized sweat glands. Are we drinking highly specialized sweat?????

Almond Milk

What is it really? A yummy “milk” that comes from ground almonds.

How is it made? Almonds, water, ground in a blender. I may try this actually.

Why should I drink it? It is 100% vegan; you don’t have to worry about a runny tummy; no worries about soy allergies; cholesterol free; less calories than milk; It makes an AMAZING peanut butter smoothie…waaay better than milk.

Maybe I shouldn’t drink it because…: Sucks if you’re allergic to almonds; watch out for sweetened milks; not a much protein like regular milk.

Umm, that’s interesting: You can make almond milk at home but don’t use bitter almonds…you’ll release cyanide. Cyanide = death

Rice Milk

What is it really? “Milk” that comes from rice, mostly brown. Natural enzymes make it sweeter than cow’s milk.

How is it made? Pressing the rice through a mill stream (from what I gather, this is involves water and osmosis).

Why should I drink it? Not sure really…its OKish to me. But there is the whole lactose intolerance thing too.

Maybe I shouldn’t drink it because… It’s got more carbs (but that’s not really gross I think); lacks enough protein and calcium.

Umm, that’s interesting: I got nothing…

Soy Milk

What is it really? An “emulsion of oil, water, and protein”. Soak the soy beans and grind with water. Coagulated soy protein is turned into tofu.

How is it made? Once the soy beans have been soaked, they “undergo wet grinding” (insert 10 jokes here) until you get the final product.

Why should I drink it? No runny tummy and it has the same amount of protein as milk. Then there is the whole “soy beans will make you live ‘til you’re 150years old thing”.

Maybe I shouldn’t drink it because…: Soy allergies

Umm, that’s interesting: One study showed that it lowers sperm count.


When Stressed, Pig Out or Starve?

I feel like I see a ton of articles about people pigging out when they’re stressed . But when I’m stressed or sad, I want nothing to do with food…which is insane considering that I’m always hungry. What is it about people that lead them to divert from their normal eating patterns when under emotional/mental duress?

I came across this great article on Psychology Today that explains why many people overeat or eat junk foods when stressed out. In a nutshell this is why:

  • stressful situation —>body releases the hormone cortisol —>body becomes super alert, attentive, and ready for danger—when the danger has passed, cortisol system shuts down —>body returns to normal

The above is what happens during short-term stressful situations; long-term, or chronic stress is where the friggin’ problem lies:

  • long-term stress = cortisol system does not shut down.
  • your body continues to need extra energy reserves—>craves fatty, sugary foods to build up these reserves—> fatty sugary foods stored in abdomen for quick use by the body.
  • when the body receives these foods + no more stress = signal to shut down cortisol release (hence the name ‘comfort foods’)

BUT, our lives today have evolved such that we are almost always under some form of stress —>we keep releasing cortisol—>we keep craving fatty, sugary foods—>it gets stored in our abdomen but doesn’t get used up like it should because we keep feeding our bodies these comfort foods. Its a blasted sick cycle if you ask me.

So how do we calm our bodies down without out eating pure sh!t? Exercise, yoga, meditation, and sex. In general, anything that calms you down and relaxes you.

Dani Hearts Cereal

I’m also addicted to cereal….it really is the world’s most perfect food: its got everything your body needs in one bowl (or, if you’re like me) or a mug. I can (and have) consumed cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My favs are Banana Nut Crunch, Post Honey Bunches of Oats, and Kellogs Cocoa Krispies. The problem is, as I was explaining to Amanda yesterday, when I eat, my mind thinks its the last thing I’ll ever eat (like back in caveman days) so I gobble shit down without thinking …its really quite sick; I have been known to eat a box of Cocoa Krispies in 1.5 days (again, don’t judge me).

So, to take control of my cereal habits, I stick to buying boring-ass cereal…that way, I really only eat what I need and not what I want. Right now, I’m eating Special K Protein Plus. It tastes quite good and it actually fills me. Most important, its helping me with my cereal portion control. Once I think I have my habits under control, I’ll buy one of my favourites and see if I can keep it together.

I saw a good post on this blog about how to choose a cereal.

I’m Not That Different From a Cow

This is purely regarding my eating habits. When I was employed, I had fairly structured daily eating habits: 7am breakfast (eggs, cereal, or oatmeal), 10am snack (fruit or yogurt), 12pm proper lunch (protein, good carbs, veggies), 3:30pm snack (chick pea salad or some light protein), and supper (edamame, some kinda of broccoli thingie, scrambled egg whites, or some kind of super-light food).

But now I eat little things all day; I don’t think I’ve had a proper meal in a while…or at least, not as often as I used to. Today I had about 1 cup of Special K Protein Plus cereal with skim milk (1% to be exact), after the gym I had a Muscle Milk Light, about an hour later I had some more cereal (only about a 1 cup again), two hours later I had a small whole wheat pita bread with peanut butter and four crackers with cheese. My nutrition for the day has not been that great; I need to cook more.

Hello. My name is Dani. I am a food grazer.