Why P90x MUST Work

I took the ‘day 1 P90x’ pics last night and all I could think was uuugh. Seriously, I have a bit of back fat which I CAN’T STAND….you have no idea how much I hate back fat; it creeps me out and its so not sexy. I’ve been working out for years now and I’ve managed to look the same, which I guess is good because I haven’t gained that much weight. But, at the same time, I have not been able to really change my body. I think I’m fit but my body just loves fat….WTF?

Soooooo, if I truly follow the P90x routine and nutrition plan and my body doesn’t change like I want it to….then I’ll have to resort to more drastic measures: slicing off the wobbly-bits at home. Anyone wanna help?


Today’s Workout…

…was biking and I finally went on a different trail today! I met up with Shima and we rode 7 miles from Bethesda, MD to Georgetown, DC and back (14 total miles) on the Bethesda Crescent Trail.

It was really refreshing to ride in a different environment… I was like a kid in a candy shop looking at all the new things around me. Another cool thing around this trail is that they not only have random water stations, but today, they were giving out FREE bike bells…so of course I got one.

After our ride, Shima and I had lunch at Potbelly’s then we went to Georgetown Cupcake (don’t f*cking judge me!!!) and had a sweet treat (pic of me and my bike on the metro back home with my guilty pleasure of the day).

When Stressed, Pig Out or Starve?

I feel like I see a ton of articles about people pigging out when they’re stressed . But when I’m stressed or sad, I want nothing to do with food…which is insane considering that I’m always hungry. What is it about people that lead them to divert from their normal eating patterns when under emotional/mental duress?

I came across this great article on Psychology Today that explains why many people overeat or eat junk foods when stressed out. In a nutshell this is why:

  • stressful situation —>body releases the hormone cortisol —>body becomes super alert, attentive, and ready for danger—when the danger has passed, cortisol system shuts down —>body returns to normal

The above is what happens during short-term stressful situations; long-term, or chronic stress is where the friggin’ problem lies:

  • long-term stress = cortisol system does not shut down.
  • your body continues to need extra energy reserves—>craves fatty, sugary foods to build up these reserves—> fatty sugary foods stored in abdomen for quick use by the body.
  • when the body receives these foods + no more stress = signal to shut down cortisol release (hence the name ‘comfort foods’)

BUT, our lives today have evolved such that we are almost always under some form of stress —>we keep releasing cortisol—>we keep craving fatty, sugary foods—>it gets stored in our abdomen but doesn’t get used up like it should because we keep feeding our bodies these comfort foods. Its a blasted sick cycle if you ask me.

So how do we calm our bodies down without out eating pure sh!t? Exercise, yoga, meditation, and sex. In general, anything that calms you down and relaxes you.

DC Cupcake Wars: The Results Are In

My inner chub had the desire to taste cupcakes from the major cupcake bakeries around DC, MD, and VA and I completed this mission yesterday. I evaluated each cupcakery on taste and “cake” moisture. Here is the list (in order of best to not-the-best):

  1. Georgetown Cupcake and Hello Cupcake – the cupcakes from both of these places are AMAZING. They’re soooo moist and just utterly delicious. Obviously try the red velvet (this was kind of my control flavour that I tried in all the cupcakeries but my favourite cupcake from Georgetown is the honey banana and my fav from Hello is vanilla gorilla (also has banana in it).
  2. Alexandria Cupcake – the cupcakes were good, but they didn’t give me an oralgasm like the ones above. They were still good. The store didn’t have a really wide selection the day my aunt and I went but their red velvet was yummy.
  3. Red Velvet Cupcakery – I think I’ve only ever tried their vanilla and red velvet cupcakes. These cupcakes weren’t bad but I don’t think they were as moist as the others.
  4. CakeLove – I’ve tried these cupcakes twice and I wasn’t pleased either time. CakeLove is known for their cakes; maybe I should try that next?

**As greedy as I am, these cupcakes were not all tasted on the same day; they were eaten at different times. Perhaps, for a more scientific result, I should taste these cupcakes all at once. I will not back down should that challenge present itself.

I Ate a Cupcake Yesterday

After the irritating day I had yesterday, I needed something like this. Amanda and I had tapas for dinner then we went to Georgetown Cupcake for dessert. There was a long-ass line when we got there, but it moved quickly. They didn’t have my favourite cupcake (honey banana), so I had a cookies & cream cupcake and Amanda had a strawberry one.

I would have taken a pic but when I got home, the friggin’ electricity was off so I was super-distracted. Anyways, the cupcake was soooo worth the calories.