Before I even begin this post: non-West Indians, please familiarize yourself with what soca is here.

Soca is music that will lead you to do scandalous things in public during carnival. So I can only hope and pray that  Socacize will lead you to do scandalous things during the workout…from my YouTube research, I see wining down the the ground action (leg and abs workout?) as well as some bending over action (booty workout?). But according to the website, Socacize is “a blend of high/low impact aerobics with Caribbean and African dance movements”.

I’m all for bending over, but I’ll let you know just how much rudeness is involved when Amanda and I go to check out the class.


DC Caribbean Carnival 2010….The Bacchanal Workout Edition

One bottle of vodka and two bottles of rum later (not entirely consumed by me…not the vodka anyways) I’m back online. I did not workout this weekend in the traditional sense. ‘Twas DC Carnival. If you’re from the West Indies you will fully understand and accept that normal life stops during carnival. I, however, was not completely inactive during this time…quite the opposite; the following pics will demonstrate some of the elements of “The Bacchanal Workout”:

Stair Climbing

Back Extensions

Modified Squats

Lateral Shoulder Raises