Simple Three Bean Soup

I was too lazy to put to clean and cook any meat, so I decided to go vegetarian and make a bean and veggie soup. Here is the ingredient list:

  • Garlic – (chopped) it increases blood flow; research shows that it inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the lab
  • Onion (chopped) – helps to prevent atherosclerosis; provides relief for colds and asthma
  • Red Bell Pepper (chopped) – has antioxidants; tons of vitamin C and decent amounts of vitamins A and B6
  • Mushrooms (sliced) – high in fibre and lots of B vitamins (niacin, B6, and riboflavin)
  • Beets (chopped) – lots of folic acid and antioxidents
  • Lentils (’bout half cup)- tons of minerals, fibre, and  iron
  • Red Beans (1 can) – lots of fibre, protein, and some antioxidant properties
  • Butter Beans (1 can) – rich in soluble fibre (helps to lower cholesterol); lots of potassium and iron too


  1. heat pot with 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  2. sauté garlic, onions, mushrooms, and red peppers. When kinda soft, add lentils.
  3. Add stewed tomatoes (I use the canned kinda, low sodium; gives it a natural sweet flavour)
  4. Then add the red beans and butter beans (if you use canned beans, please rinse thoroughly…what is the gooey sh!t anyways???)
  5. Add your beets (beets will not only give the soup an insanely red colour, but will also add great texture and a little sweetness too)
  6. Add your seasonings: salt, pepper, herbs, whatever
  7. Add water, bring to a boil, then lower heat.
  8. You’ll know its done when the lentils and beets are edible.


Super Healthy Lunch: Baked Talapia with Eggplant Steaks and Butternut Squash

I made an amazing lunch yesterday; it was yummy, filling, and healthy! When I cook fish, I love to bake it with some sort of lime/lemon mixture…the flavours are amazing. Also, most people think eggplant is pure mush, but I bake my eggplant until its just barely cooked…that way it retains its shape and texture. And anyone that knows me, knows I love butternut squash…even steamed, its good.

1 – Rinse talapia with water and lime juice then season with salt and pepper (and whatever else you want).

2 – Dice onion, garlic, tomato. Put in a bowl and squeeze lime and add about 2 teaspoons of olive oil and mix (the longer you let this sit, the better).

3 – Put fish in a baking dish (I usually line mine with foil) and spoon mixture over the fish (btw, your oven should have been pre-heated to 350 degrees)

4 – Take a whole eggplant and cut length-wise into quarters. In a bowl mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil and garlic and spoon mixture over the eggplant then sprinkle with seasalt and ground pepper.

5 – Put the talapia into the oven and bake for 35-40 minutes (the flesh will flake easily when done) and shove the eggplant under the broiler. Bake the eggplant for about 20ish minutes. It’ll look like it cooked but it won’t be super-soft.

6 – I simply steamed the butternut squash. No salt, oil, nothing.

7 – Yuuuum!

Not Your Ordinary Lentil Soup: Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Lentil Soup

The lentil soup I usually make is fairly standard so I’m not sure what got into me today. This version is amazing! The recipe (for 2-3 servings) is below:

1. Cut up your seasoning veggies – I used red onion, garlic, celery, tomato, red bell pepper

2. Cut up your substantive soup veggies – I used butternut squash and carrots

3. I decided to roast the sweet pepper and tomato – pour about a teaspoon of olive oil over and sprinkle with a little salt then shove under your broiler. Roasting these veggies will add SOOO much flavour to your soup. You’ll know the veggies are done roasting when they’re shriveled and look like this:

4. Sautee your other veggies – I used turkey bacon for flavour so sautee three strips or so then add the onion, garlic and celery until (and you’ll release all their yummu juices). When they’re soft looking, add the lentils, squash, and carrots to the pot.

5. Add red wine – I love rich flavour this gives!

6. Add water to your soup – I really don’t like to use chicken stock (if I use chicken stock, I’ll make my own). The different veggies will add ’nuff flavour to the soup. Only add enough water to more than just cover the veggies.

7. Cover the pot and bring to a boil. Then reduce heat and let simmer. About 15 minutes away from completion (you’ll test the lentils and they should be about done), uncover the pot and continue to cook the soup for a few more minutes.

8. Enjoy!!

Today’s Workout…

…was biking. It wasn’t the most robust ride, but it was OK. Anna and I stopped at the farmer’s market in our neighbourhood. I ended up getting green beans, plums, a tomato, blueberries, and banana bread from the cutest old lady. I ate the green beans already….I put them in the oven (broil) with olive oil and sea salt; I let them broil until they’re kinda brown and shriveled.

Later in the day, my friends and I got some Trini (Trinidad) food: I got curry goat with my ‘buss up shut’.

My Favourite Smoothie EVER: Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

I drank it before I could take a pic. First of all, I’m addicted to Skippy’s Reduced Fat Super-Chunky Peanut Butter. I can go through a jar in less than two weeks; its quite shameful. I really want to try ‘all natural’ peanut butter but these supermarkets don’t carry natural AND chunky/crunchy AND reduced fat. Anyways, my bestest smoothie ever:

  • 1 cup of skim milk or almond milk (almond milk gives it a richer flavour and less calories than milk too)
  • 1 banana, into small pieces
  • 2 tablespoons on peanut butter (I’m sure I overdose on this, hence why it takes me forever to lose weight/fat)
  • about 2 tablespoons of wheat germ (add vitamins, fibre, and thickens up the smoothie)
  • blend
  • be prepared to have an orgasm in your mouth

Grilled Salmon Salad

The pic is kinda small and I’m not exactly adept at food presentation but I’m hoping you’ll get the general idea. The salad has a ton of yummy stuff in it and the roasted veggies really made it pop:

  • 0.25 oz (or half of a salmon filet you get at the supermarket) salmon. Rinse, squeeze lemon/lime, season with salt, pepper, and whatever else you want…but you don’t need a bunch of stuff. I used Pam to coat the pan and I sauteed on both sides until done.
  • I roasted red bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and carrot sticks. I added walnuts near the end of roasting.
  • Chopped avocado, scallions, and a tablespoon of capers.
  • I used baby spinach leaves and put in a pan for like 30 seconds, just to warm the leaves a bit. This isn’t necessary though.
  • I put it all in a bowl, added lemon dressing (1 tablespoon olive oil and probably like 2-3 tablespoons of real lemon juice). I topped with 2 tablespoons of feta cheese.

Homemade Super-Healthy ‘Triple-Berry Smoothie’

I love, love, love smoothies. Here are the ingredients for a Triple-Berry Smoothie:

  • plain, non-fat Greek yogurt (low-cal with tons of protein)
  • a bit of water (to thin out the yogurt)
  • strawberries, blueberries, raspberries (or whatever combo of berries you like; frozen is OK!)
  • 1 scoop of protein powder
  • optional: squirt or about 1 tablespoon of honey (not necessary because the fruit is already sweet)
  • blend!