Open Letter to My Running Shoes

Hey Asics,

How’s it going? It has been quite sometime since we’ve met up. I haven’t been ignoring you; not intentionally anyways. It is just that my body sucks my now, my ankle to be more specific. After two months, it still friggin hurts. But that is not your fault (or is it?).

You sit there so patiently, so quietly. Looking all nice and fancy-schmancy with your SuperFeet insoles…one of you even has a special extra insert to help with my IT band issues. But, alas, you go unused. I admire your patience and steadfastness.

I miss slipping my feet into you. I miss your super-comfortable, cushion-y feel. I miss the distances you used to take me. I miss the high you used to give me. I shall return to you one day.

With much love,



The Reason Why I Haven’t Run in Two Months

My friggin’ ankle…that’s why. First it was my knee (iliotibial band) then I spent 6-8 weeks in physical therapy, I got better and started to run again. I got up to 5 miles (which is a huge deal for me…my body does NOT like to run) then my ankle started to d!ck around (this was around April-ish). But, being the intelligent person that I am, I kept running anyways. So May rolls around and my ankle now starts to hurt everyday whether or not I run (but its not painful like its going to stop me from doing stuff). So I finally decide to go see a doc and he forbade me from running, told me to talk two Aleve a day, wear a simple ankle brace all the time, and come back to see him in two weeks.

Fast forward one month and I’ve done about 45% of what the docs told me to do and of course my ankle still hurts. So I figured I’d wait until after carnival before I go see the doc again. Yesterday he tells me to take the friggin Aleve twice a day and wear this ridiculous brace (in the pic above) then if my stuff still isn’t better in four weeks, then he’ll refer me to a specialist.

My ankle isn’t that painful…its more annoying. Some days it hurts, some days its swollen, some days not. But its been like this for waaay too long now, so I figure I’ll listen to the doc this time (especially since it hurts to wear heels right now: no heels = no good).

I miss running! That shit is so hard for me to do, but I LOVED the feeling of accomplishment when I was done; I felt like a champion; there is no better feeling.