**Candid FitNut Has a New Home**

Candid FitNut has moved to its own domain!!: www.candidfitnut.com

Please update your links, bookmarks, favourites, etc.



New CFN Stuff

Right now, I’m working on getting CFN onto its own domain! It has all been set up, I’m just trying to figure out the style stuff; hopefully it’ll all be done within a couple of days…so please be patient if I’m not posting as often.


Twitter Me/Tweet Me/Tweet my Twats

Candid FitNut is on Twitter!!: @CandidFitNut

I Whored-Out Candid FitNut

I was at the mall yesterday, went into the Apple store and on:

  • two 4G Iphones,
  • three IPads, and
  • four Macbooks,

I made Candid FitNut:

  • an option on the bookmark bar,
  • an option in the bookmark menu,
  • the homepage screen, and
  • an icon on the home-screen.