Why P90x MUST Work

I took the ‘day 1 P90x’ pics last night and all I could think was uuugh. Seriously, I have a bit of back fat which I CAN’T STAND….you have no idea how much I hate back fat; it creeps me out and its so not sexy. I’ve been working out for years now and I’ve managed to look the same, which I guess is good because I haven’t gained that much weight. But, at the same time, I have not been able to really change my body. I think I’m fit but my body just loves fat….WTF?

Soooooo, if I truly follow the P90x routine and nutrition plan and my body doesn’t change like I want it to….then I’ll have to resort to more drastic measures: slicing off the wobbly-bits at home. Anyone wanna help?


Time To Change My Workout

I’ve been doing my current workout for almost 6 weeks now and its time for a change. The results from my current routine were OK at best…nothing like my results from the routine before. I think I’m bored, which is fine since I need to change.

My next routine will be……. P90x!! I’m very excited about this, especially when I see all the before and after pics (which I suppose I’ll do and post…uuuugh). But I’ll need a few things before I begin: I’ll need a pull-up bar (there must be an alternative to this…I’m not trying to buy this right now) and I’ll need either resistance bands or weights (I’ll find the cheaper option and let you know). I’ll be in Hotlanta this weekend, so I prob won’t try it until early next week.

If P90x doesn’t get rid of my wobbly-bits and Earl, then nothing will…..Excited!

Why the F*ck Won’t Earl Go Away?? FML

I would take a pic of Earl but I’m waaaaay too¬†embarrassed. I exercise all the friggin time and I don’t eat junk food (I may, however, pigout on an occasion) but I just don’t get it.

I think my body just likes to be wobbly…seriously. I feel like if unless I cut out ALL carbs and fat (which we all know isn’t right or healthy), then I won’t lose my wobbles. Its really disgusting….eff you wobbles, eff off Earl.

Peanut Butter Fren-tervention

Yesterday, I confessed to my friends the extent of my peanut butter addiction: I consume (roughly) a jar a week. How is it possible to eat a jar a week? It is really easy actually: besides my peanut butter smoothies and peanut butter spread on pita bread, if I ever want a snack, I (literally) gouge out the jar with a tablespoon and eat.

Alas, it is no wonder my gut, whom I affectionately refer to as Earl, isn’t going anywhere and my wobbly-bits are still present. As my friends made me realize just how ridiculous my peanut greed was, we set a goal of eating only half a jar of peanut butter a week…and work my way down from there. I haven’t had peanut butter in about 5 days (only because I haven’t been to the supermarket) but when I do buy, I’ll be on a peanut butter watch.

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130 Feels So Good

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally….I’m back down to 130lbs!I gained 7lbs about a year ago and my weight was stuck at 137-138 forever. I still exercised but only enough to maintain that weight, not lose it. I lost a little when I started to run then I lost more when I really ramped up my work out…running, biking, in the gym at 5am (when I was employed). And it continues now that I’m not employed….I can’t control many things around me right now because of my current situation, but I can control my body. Even though I don’t have a job, I don’t sleep until forever and I wake up fairly early (by unemployed standards) and get to the gym or on my bike.

So I hopped on the elliptical machine this morning, put in my program (hills) and punched in my 130lbs…sooo good!