You May <3 Yoga, but Does Yoga <3 You?

I am not bashing yoga; I love it as much as the next person, but sometimes you gotta wonder (as you balance on one arm while your leg is simultaneously wrapped around your neck) if some of these poses are doing more harm than good or if your yoga instructor really know what the hell is going on.

My cousin sent me this interesting article that made me think: does your yoga teacher really know what they’re talking about? You’re in a yoga class with 15 other people…how much time can your instructor devote to making sure that you (and the 14 other students) are holding EACH pose correctly? Not only that, but what kind of certification does your teacher hold? Its not like yoga teachers have to pass a national certifying exam (like the NCLEX or USMLE, etc)…yes there are certifications that yoga teachers get, but its not standardized really.

One of the main points of the article was bring to light the importance thoroughly checking out your yoga teacher/studio to make sure they are really able to instruct you properly so that you get the benefits of yoga and to avoid injuries at all costs. Certifications are important, but I really believe in word of mouth.

Consider this article as you choose a new yogi or yogini to ensure that you avoid any ahimsas as you go through your asanas in your selected ashram.


p.s. I am available to stand/walk/jump on your back for a nominal fee.


Time To Change My Workout

I’ve been doing my current workout for almost 6 weeks now and its time for a change. The results from my current routine were OK at best…nothing like my results from the routine before. I think I’m bored, which is fine since I need to change.

My next routine will be……. P90x!! I’m very excited about this, especially when I see all the before and after pics (which I suppose I’ll do and post…uuuugh). But I’ll need a few things before I begin: I’ll need a pull-up bar (there must be an alternative to this…I’m not trying to buy this right now) and I’ll need either resistance bands or weights (I’ll find the cheaper option and let you know). I’ll be in Hotlanta this weekend, so I prob won’t try it until early next week.

If P90x doesn’t get rid of my wobbly-bits and Earl, then nothing will…..Excited!

Cardio Before or After Weights? That is the Question

I feel like this is one of the age-old questions of working out: cardio or weight training first? Fitness trainers have varying opinions and preferences but from what I’ve read and personal experience, it depends on how you feel and what your goals are.

When I do my cardio first (which is usually about 45 minutes), I have more than enough energy to do my weights after. But my goal isn’t massive strength gains, it is fat loss and having muscle tone. When I do my cardio after my weights, I don’t perform as well as I can; I’m slower and can’t go for as long. So while cardio before weights works for me, I do like to challenge myself once or twice a week and try cardio after weights just to push myself.

However, if your goal is to gain size, then doing cardio after your weights may be a better option for you. You’ll definitely need your energy so you can lift as efficiently as possible…without getting fatigued too quickly.

There aren’t very many studies out that compare the effectiveness of where cardio is placed in your workout, so when making the decision, keep in mind your ultimate goal(s) and build your routine off of that.