12 Questions for: Soca Silky

The super-cute Soca Silky is my favourite soca/carnival DJ and she was kind enough to respond to CFN’s ?s About YOU! Here is what she had to say:

1. How do you maintain your sexiness? sexiness is a state mind 🙂 keeping active doesn’t hurt 🙂

2. What physical features attract you to someone? a nice body

3. When and why did you start exercising? I have tried to keep fit most of my life but as with all things sometimes I am more dilegent than others.

4. Did you have an active childhood? Yes.
a. Did you play sports? Yes. Track & Field, Swimming and an unsuccessful run at tennis
b. Were others around you good fitness role models ? yes. I got involved in a lot of activities following friends

5. What is your current workout routine? I should be kickboxing twice a week and running twice a week…should being the operative word!

6. What do you usually eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner? breakfast is usually tea and maybe yogurt. Lunch left overs from dinner or crap I buy. Dinner I try to cook most nights. The meals vary, a lot of fish and chicken dishes; we try to limit our red meat and pork intake.

7. What exercise do you HATE to do but do it anyways? jump squats and burpies

8. What is your favourite body part? boobs.
a. Why? because I didnt always have them and I have treasured them since they blossomed

9.You like when people look at your waist while I am whining because it makes you feel sexy.

10.You wish your butt was bigger.

11.You wish your nothing was smaller.

12. I wish that I had six pack because I think it would look hott,

From Soca Silky’s responses, it seems that having an active childhood helped her maintain a healthy lifestyle later on….she also didn’t mention that she recently completed her first triathlon! Her dinners seem to be healthy but, like most of us, she may need some extra motivation to workout sometimes.