Superiority at the Supermarket

In terms of the items I choose, I am waaaaay better at the supermarket than most and I KNOW that others are jealous of me! How can they not be?? While they have frozen pizza, donuts, cookies, chips, and alfredo sauce in a jar….I, simply, do not. Sometimes I look at other people’s carts in amazement and wonder if they can’t make their own potato salad or I search in vain for some sign of a non-canned, non-frozen fruit or vegetable. I cannot comprehend such things siiiiigh.

Alas, we all have our faults, but at the supermarket, I have none. I should be the poster child of healthy supermarket shopping; matter of fact, I need a giant billboard. Ladies and gentlemen, please witness the perfection that is grocery shopping below (besides the toilet paper and sandwich bags not pictured, I swear that the items below are all I purchased):

Fruit and Veggies: grapefruits, bananas, raspberries, kiwis, baby spinach, beets, avocado, purple onion, mushrooms, red bell pepper, and tomatoes.

Dairy: eggs from vegetarian fed hens, 1%milk, 2% evaporated milk (I was born and raised in a former British colony…its how we drink tea!!), and multigrain Thomas’ English Muffins.

Proteins: canned butter beans (OK, maybe the canned option isn’t that great), reduced fat peanut butter (you should have seen this coming), Muscle Milk Light, hummus, raw walnuts, fish, and sliced ham.

Random: Women’s Health mag (I like some of their healthy¬†recipes), black tea (again, the whole British thing), and goat cheese (I forgot to add this to the dairy section…ooops).

Now, I suppose I must admit that my perfection is limited to the supermarket in my neighbourHOOD. Should you compare my cart to someone from Whole Foods, that person will win because every-friggin-thing in Whole Foods is sustainable, organic, cage-free, grass-fed, free-range, non-polluting, green certified….and I can keep going.

However, I still maintain my supermarket superiority. Please e-mail me for your own personalized course on “How to Shop at the Supermarket So You Can Be a Champion and Amazing Like Dani”.

Breakfast (along with a Muscle Milk Light)